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 Thu, Fri 4-5.10.07
07.10.2007 18:27
Thursday 4.10 – Friday 5.10.
Fairplex KOA, Pomona – La Verne area – Los Angeles – Lontoo – Helsinki – Espoo home
For some reason we woke up early. It was cooler than before, +13.
In the evening a Spanish neighbour had visited us to ask internet codes. Because office was closed we gave him ours, and it seemed to work.
After breakfast we did rest of packing and cleaning, returned the pool key and drove to Simo´s place.
During these days parking lot next to our camp had been filled with hundreds on motor homes. On 12th of October in Fairgrounds starts the biggest motor home exhibition of North America. It means about 1.800 vehicles!
Simo´s mechanic washed the engine room and underside of motor home. Hundreds of dead grasshoppers fell to the ground. Remember we had met thousands of them specially in Saskatchewan.
Then we took motor home with Simo to local car wash, where specialists polished the exterior and cleaned carpets etc. We want to sell a clean home…
Simo drove us to LA airport where it took about two hours to book and x-ray us and luggage to London. No over weight, 2 kilos under, 58 instead of 60.
Flight to London took only 9 h 10 min. London-Los Angeles had taken over 11 hours. We had good tail wind, occasionally well over 200 km/h. Our record speed was 1.140 kph.
We had comfortable 1,5 hours to change plain in London and after 2,5 hour flight we were back on home soil. Just to wait luggage for 45 minutes! Passengers were not too happy about this warm welcome.
We had a very good 4,5 months abroad, but it was very good feeling to be back home, too. But remember, you can’t return, if you don’t leave first…..
Summaries will be added in near future… 

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 Wed 3.10.07
04.10.2007 07:10
Wednesday 3.10.
Fairplex KOA, pomona – La Verne Area – One night left in motorhome!
Last full day here. After this there shall be a flight long brake in blog, if not a bit longer….
Morning was normal, blue, windless and +15. Afternoon +33.
First part of day went in cleaning and packing activities. There seemed to be more stuff to pack than we expected… We met the camp manager, who was friendly but had nothing new about our missing chairs etc. No surprise to us.
We had lunch meeting with Simo in Chilis. We had really good salads, but we talked business too, about selling the motor home and so on. After that working in camp continued in really hot weather, sweating was easy. But pools called us later to relax.
In the morning we’ll take our moving home to Simo and he drives us to LA airport. We’ll be in London about 09 on Friday and in Helsinki 17.30 in the afternoon.
Blog shall be updated in few days with kind of summaries and our opinions about the journey.
See you later. Remember the guestbook!

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 Tue 2.10.07
03.10.2007 18:24
Tuesday 2.10.
Fairplex KOA, Pomola – La Verne Area
“Boringly” similar morning, clear skies, first warm, then hot, not much wind. Between +18 and + 33. Not much time here left any more, so the day went doing all kind of things, cleaning, packing, some small shopping etc. We’ll get some extra things shipped to Finland in Simo’s container. We’ve understand summer clothes are not so needed there right now…
The camp manager tried to find out what happened to our missing things, but we think they are finally lost. Not a big loss, about 50 $, but not so good feeling either.
“Business lunch” with Simo had to be cancelled because of some coincidents, it takes place to morrow, but there was enough to do anyway. We got the hub cap matter taken care of and got part of T-mobile PC-card deposit back from Nora… Bank of America cashed the check without any commission. Surprise…
Afternoon went in laundry and pools before going to a nearby pizzeria to have the strangest pizzas we’ve met here, but they were OK for evening snacks.
It was early bed time, strange thing how much more tired one feels when not travelling… Or maybe it is because of the finish of the trip is so near…

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 OCTOBER, Mon 1.10.07
02.10.2007 18:47
Monday 1.10.
Fairplex KOA, Pomona – La Verne Area
The last LA County Fair night was a bit noisy, but morning beautiful, as in California normally.
We went with motor home to see Simo Veharanta 5 km away in La Verne to plan last days´ program. We left our lawn chairs, water hose and door mat on the site to show that it was taken. It is normal to leave things in camp.
Simo gave us a Buick for local driving and first we drove to mobile prone company to take care T-Mobile matters with Nora, mainly to get back our PC phonecard deposit (600 $) back. She promised to know more about that tomorrow…
Next thing was to find a rear wheel chrome hub cap to replace the one which was lost in Oregon four months ago. We found one in nearby RV Ready motor home firm, but it was not quite the right kind after all. We have to take it back and order a new one.
A few other things and hot afternoon was gone. We drove back to our camp – to see that chairs, hose and mat had disappeared. First we thought the camp people had for some reason put them away, but our neighbour (who spoke little Swedish!) had seen on olden man to take them away, so they were stolen.
Office person was not too interested in the matter even if she seemed to recognize the person, regular visitor checking camp dumpsters.
We’ll wait for tomorrow and other people to come working. It is totally normal to leave thing on the site when visiting somewhere. This was first time we had even heard that those kind on things start walking…
Not good feeling, even if they were not valuables.

In the evening we prepared for mornings cleaning operation and retired early.

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 Sat, Sun 29-30.9.07
01.10.2007 19:01
Saturday 29.9.
Indian Cove Campground, Twentynine Palms – Desert Springs Spa RV Park, Desert Hot Springs, California
57 miles/92 km, TOT. 19.813 km
We were at about 1 km high, so it was only +9 in the morning, but sun warmed the day quickly, there were no high mountains in front of it. Neighbours helped us to wake up by shouting and starting generator at 07.30. Actually it was not so big problem, we still lived mountain time (Utah + Mid West), so it was like 08.30 for us.
We cooked maybe our last beacon breakfast of this trip outside in sunshine. Both were good.
Before leaving the nice camp we climbed on the cliffs a little. The surface was rough, so grip was very good. No wonder there seems to be several climbers among tent people, even if the cliffs are not very high. Many groups started walk somewhere early with helmets, ropes etc. There were about 30 tens in the camp, and only 3 motor homes.
We drove about 5 km downhill to town of Joshua Tree. The name comes from strange shaped kind of cactuses, that are common here, but not almost anywhere else.
Then we drove through Jucca Valley (pop. 25.000). It was a busy place for several kms. From there started a long and steep downhill to Morongo Valley. Even with full engine braking we made our new speed record, 110 km/h, measured by GPS. No reason to slow others down on wide and straight road…
We dived down about 20 km, but not so steep any more. Then we were in Desert Hot Springs and about 300 m high (low). Here we had spent a week in December 1998.
We even found same campground but did not stay there. It was now more like trailer park for permanent living.
So we went to another hot springs camp. The only thing was that in this one the pool pump had been broken and water was still rather cold. About 5th broken pool on our route, plus all the empty reservoirs… But spa was +37. Pump was OK now, so pool is getting warmer soon, immediately after we have left…
Before parking on our site we washed our home (outside) and then started to enjoy hot 30-32 afternoon.
We also walked to nearby grocery shop. The personnel did not speak much of English and out Spanish is not so fluent, but we managed to get what we needed.
Later in the evening we enjoyed the hot spa under bright stars. Ansu tested the main pool, but it still was too cool. Quiet camp, we did not see a soul all evening. Suits us…
Sunday 30.9.
Desert Springs Spa RV Park, Desert Hot Springs – Fairplex KOA, Pomona, California
88 miles/142 km, TOT. 19.955 km
The Circle has closed !!
Beautiful warm morning, but isn’t supposed to be so this near famous Palm Springs. But somehow this last morning of our actual trip felt different. The circle is closing today when we drive back to La Verne area and Pomona KOA campground, from where we stayed 16.-21. of May.
No matter it was Sunday, our work started early. We cleaned the outside storage rooms of motor home. We had no neighbours, so this was good place to do it.
After that we spent some time of this hot desert morning in spa, but big pool was still surprising cool.
Then it was time to go west. Before joining I-10, we filled gas tank for the last time. Gas prices in California have gone down, now we paid 2,919 a gallon, in spring when we left we had to pay nearly 3,50!
The most common sights in this neighbourhood are wind mills, hundreds if not thousands of generators, which make electricity. Here in windy desert valley their sounds were not bothering anybody. Sight was maybe not beautiful but impressive.
Before Banning we climbed little by little up to 500 m again and there we were forced to visit famous Desert Hills Factory Outlet, a mall with about 100 shops.
We walked around there for some time wondering the number of people, specially Japanese. You could hear mainly Japanese language in the loudspeakers.
From Banning I-10 got busier and it was mainly downhill to Los Angeles valleys that are only about 250 m high. In San Bernardino we left big main road and headed west. Once again we noticed we were driving on the Historic Route 66.
Of course travelling was much slower there, so we got hungry and finally stopped at Jack in the Box for double beef/beacon hamburgers, our first during this trip! They were OK if not cheep; 8,75 $/6,70 € without fries and coke. But no need for dinner this evening…
GPS guided to Pomona KOA a bit strange route, but there we were! in our starting point The place and whole area was really busy, this was the last day of Los Angeles County three week long fair, and Fairground was next to the campground with all the amusement parks, music and exhibitions. Thousands of cars coming and going.
Good we had made reservation, so we had no problem with camping site.
We also visited Simo Veharanta in nearby La Verne. Simo had helped us a lot with everything, and made this trip possible. We talked there for some time and then returned to our camp with strange feelings; it is over now!
If we compare this with our 1998/99 one year long trip, we somehow feel we have now seen more. Then we drove with motor home 28.000 km (and over 20.000 km with a car), now 20.000 and no car.
After all this experience we only can say; Never forget your dreams! Life is not a practice run.
SEPTEMBER was the fourth full month of our tip. It started in Guernsey Wyoming and we drove only modest 2.950 km during whole month. But this was holiday compared with those times we were travelling through the giant size Canada, both ways!
We have seen so much it for sure takes some time to digest everything. Specially we liked Utah, Alaska and British Columbia, but also Dakotas and Wyoming were great.
Before the trip we had estimated that 20.000 km would be realistic driving distance on this trip. Back in Pomona we had covered 19.955 kms! Not so bad guess.
Gas prices were higher and so were camping fees. But generally speaking the services are better too.
Good thing is that we had no health or technical problems during all journey.
But now our feelings are somehow empty. Is it all over now, and it was just yesterday when everything started!
We keep updating our blog in near future too, when we get the summary done and digesting working.
We want to thank all the blog visitors (about 38.000 visits!). It made us feel we were not there alone.

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